Business Ethics

Establishment of Ethics Management Organization and System

Halla Cement establishes an ethical management organization and management system for transparent and responsible management activities of companies, and also conducts regular education for executives and employees

Ethics Policies and Organization


Halla Cement visualizes its leadership and commits to ethical management by establishing an ethical management committee within the BOD.
In addition, the Company operates Internal Transaction Committee within the BOD,
which serves as the basis for fair competition and deliberates transactions with related parties. Also, it strives to minimize legal risks by running a compliance support team.

Managemetn System

Halla Cement guarantees and reinforces the ethical management system through the internal accounting management system, regular audits and compliance support system.

1. Internal accounting management system
This system has been installed to secure the reliability of accounting information prepared and disclosed in accordance with corporate accounting standards, and includes the following items.
 - Self-inspection of operation status
 - Independent evaluation and audit by an external auditor
 - Report to the board of directors and general shareholders

2. Regular audit
The company conducts regular audits of its holding company, Asia, through which it investigates violations of regulations and laws and implements remedial measures so that ethical management can be successfully established.

3. Compliance management support
The company has an in-house compliance
4. Establishment of Code of Ethics and Training
For honest and responsible management activities, the company enacts and distributes the Code of Ethics, including laws, principles and guidelines to be followed by employees, and conducts regular training for employees.

Reporting Process

Halla Cement is establishing an internal and external reporting process for the effective operation of the ethical management system.

1. Internal
The company detects and measures against employee violations of the Code of Ethics at an early stage through 'Open Sound' in the company's portal, including workplace harassment and sexual harassment.
Anonymity is guaranteed by establishing a system to protect the identity of the informant.

2. External
When it is confirmed or suspected that the company's employees have intervened in illegal or inappropriate behavior, external stakeholders can directly report it to the relevant body (Compliance Support Team: compliance@hallacement.co.kr).