Environmental Management

The Role of Cement PlantWe save our environment by recycling to replace natural resources with waste in the cement production process

The Role of Cement Plant

The Role of Cement Plant in Resource Recycling System

Stability of cement kilns

Cement kilns enable us to make a stable resource recycling by incinerating alternative raw materials and waste fuels. Inside temperature up to 1,450°C is high enough to decompose an organic matter and melt down a heavy metal.

Environmental Impact

Resource recycling contributes to reducing CO2 emission as well as fine-dust emission.

Halla Cement
Waste Recycling

We periodically publicize the status of recycling resources by the voluntary agreement with the Ministry of Environment (March 4, 2009).

Description Origin of Occurrence Acceptance Standard Application
Sludge Purification plant and sewage process Clay substitution Burning process
Fly l ash Thermal power plant
Waste foundry sands Metal and automobile industries Silicate substitution
Converter Slag Metal/steel industries Iron substitution
FGD (Flu Gas Desulfurization) gypsum Desulfurization process of coal-fired power plant, smelting industry Retarder substitution Grinding process
Refined fly ash Fly ash refining plant Additive substitution

Measurement Results of Imported Coal ash Radioactive & Radiation

Since the fourth quarter of 2014, we have disclosed the results of radiation(light) measurements of imported coal and cement. If you go to the site below, you can download related materials.

Certificate and report page(Korean)http://certifications.hallacement.co.kr

Resource Recyling Center Homepage

Resource Circulation Centerhttp://recycling.cement.or.kr/