ESG Management


Asia Sustainable Management Report


Report Profile & ScopeASIA, ASIA Cement, HALLA Cement and ASIA Paper MFG published sustainability report to clearly disclose the company’s performance in the sustainable economic, social and environmental management activities. In the Sustainability Report, we highlight our ESG strategies and activities in response to environmental, social, and governance issues. We will publication of an integrated report every year in line with the nature of the business of each company. ASIA and all our affiliates will continue to reflect on the expectation of our stakeholders and fulfill our social responsibilities accordingly.

Reporting Principles and BoundariesThis report has been prepared in accordance with the Core Option of the Global Reporting Initiative(GRI). This report limits its reporting boundaries to the domestic business sites of the four companies: ASIA, ASIA Cement, HALLA Cement and ASIA Paper MFG. If there is any limit to data collection, the data is excluded from the reporting boundaries and noted accordingly. For certain items, the report does not accord with the annual reports of ASIA, ASIA Cement, HALLA Cement and ASIA Paper MFG due to the differences in the reporting standards.

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